How can I help my boyfriend be a better student and support him?

I'm at a loss for what to do. He's been in nursing school for the past 4 years for a 2 year program to become an RN. He's just not able to pass his classes. I've only been with him for the past 9 months, but it's so emotionally draining for both him and me to see him study and work so hard only to get F's and D's on all of his tests.

He was really struggling with a certain class last year (after failing it 3 times) he finally passed it with a low C and has moved on to pediatrics. He has four tests and he's taken two so far. First test he got a 54% on and the second test he got a 60% on today. He's so hard on himself. he will still be able to pass the class if hedoes well on the next two tests.. If he doesn't he has to wait another 4 months for the class to be offered at his nursing school again and just delay his graduation.

I truly don't understand why he fails. I've tried EVERYTHING to help him study. I basically learn the chapter before he does, he records his teachers lectures and I listen to them, and I study, tudor, and work with him until he's blue in the face with nursing knowledge. He studies every day, and I test and quiz him everyday, and he knows it all, but he just doesn't perform well on the actual test. They're all application questions, where you have to pick the best thing to do in a given situation, and he just cannot apply what he learns.

He was top 10 in his class in high school.. I don't know what's changed.. I just don't know what to do. It's so hard for me to see him so down after he fails and i don't know what more I could do to help him. It feels like he gets home from class and just has more class with me. It kills him to see people that he first started with have careers as RNs while he's still in school. I'm willing to do anything to help him succeed. He's lost all hope and is just so upset. I don't know what to do :/ can you help me? Any suggestions/advice? What can I say to him to ease his frustration? Thank you.


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  • When you quiz him, did he get all the answer right? You said application questions, did you guys practice on those?

    If he cannot apply what he learns, that mean he wasn't learning then. There a different between just memorizing shit and actually understand the concept behind it and apply it to a similar thing.

    Maybe you can't help him. He need to go and ask the people that doing well on test IN HIS CLASS for help, like what method they use to study, how did they study, tip and trick etc.

    I'm doing a 3 year program for Radiology and I found getting in a study group with my classmate help, mostly discussing thing the professor talk about in today's lecture and test each other knowledge on test day.


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  • ur probably gunna think im a total ass hole here but, just because u want to do a job does not mean u are going to be talented or smart enough to do it. thats why they call it spirit. my advice is to get him to take something like a military asvab or job placement test... something along those lines. these tests will TELL him where his talents are and what fields he is MOST likely to succeed in. this is where i make the extra ass hole comment... someones gotta make pizzas for others who are working...


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  • You won't be helping him by trying to assist him with studying, either he is capable of comprehending and passing the classes on his own or he isn't. But if he is stressing or anxious, you will be of much more assistance if you try to just be supportive and try your best to create a comfortable and loving environment. Don't focus on his achievement or failure, as he will just feel like you're disappointed and that he's letting you down as well as himself.