Why did he kiss me?

we were meeting up an we hanged out in his car I was talking and he kissed me

  • He couldn't wait
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  • He wanted me to shut up
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  • He just wanted to play around
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we are not going out. we are a little more than just friends I know he likes me and I like him. but seriously what's up with guys kissing a girl when she is talking and they stop her with a kiss...


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  • Not enough info. What's the relationship he has with you? A friend?

    If he kisses you, it means 9 out of 10, he likes you.


    • We are not going out. we are aittle more than friends. an I'm just wondering why do guys do that a lot. they are with a girl and she is talking suddently they kiss her.

    • He likes you of course. There's no other reason why someone of the opposite of sex would kiss you for..


  • seriously?

    i think if someone kisses you it means they hate you or something like that


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