It feels like we aren't dating, should I talk to him?

Shy guy asked me out after i confessed and basically interrogated him on how he felt about me. Took him 6 months to admit how he feels.

So he asked me out about 10 days ago, and i know i shouldn't expecting too much too soon but it honestly doesn't feel like we are dating. I mean, we went to the movies once and i invited him to meet a friend of mine for a double date for board games... but we dont text/talk to each other that much unless it's too confirm plans that i made (movies and board games were both me), and like i dont know what to do...

It seems too serious to bring up to him since he just asked me out, but i dont want this "relationship" to die or whatever bc he doesn't talk to me that much. It's still a bit awkward as we're both shy and inexperienced with dating.. but i dont want to continue if it's going to be like this. what do i do? wait?


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  • Just tell him it would be nice if he called you from time to time and see if he gets the hint

  • Find a common interest and do that. Or something he would like to do or knows a lot about. He will talk more and it should bring you two closer and more comfortable to be around eachother.

    • we both met through playing similar sports and currently play together on a volleyball team... it's just getting him to do things and talk i guess that's hard. and i feel awkward if i bring it up to him

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