Do guys get anxious or worry when a girl takes long to text back?

like 30 mins, 1hour , more than 1 hour
a girl ur dating i mean

do u start wondering?
can guys answer plss


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  • Yes. A really good friend of mine had text me and I wasn't able to text him back due to my phone having water damage and I seen him a few days later. And was telling him what happened and he was oh okay I was getting worried about why you hadn't text me back


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  • I'm not a guy but i know some of my guy friends do. They pretend that they don't care but i can tell it gets under their skin when the girl they like hasn't texted back.

  • I would assume so. As I get anxious when a guy takes forever to text back

    • well i know girls do bc im a girl

    • K, I totally read this asking if girls get anxious... Its been an extra long day... Sorry haha