How do I ask out a guy in one of my classes?

So there is this guy in one of my classes at school. He's cute, and sweet. He is even in a similar major to mine. I also want to ask him out.. and I think he may feel the same way. But I am taking this class waayyy sooner then any freshmen should. So I am taking this class with some of the people from the lab that I volunteer in and we are all really good friends. So I sit with this guy, one of the guys from the lab and one of the girls from the lab. Anyway... we have to do presentations in class (surprise!). So it was the two people from the labs days to present. As soon as they left the table he instantly started talking to me! Asking me about my major, and how I got into the class. But he doesn't really talk to me when they are around. He likes to talk to the other girl the most... So does it sound like he could be interested? And how can I ask him out?


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  • I wouldn't be to sure if he's interested. Maybe get his number, or try to study with him for this class. Get to know him better