How serious is he about her to do this? does he like her?

how serious would you GUYS be to do this?
so the guy i like we talked before but that ended bc well i said i was talking to someone else. thing was i liked him. and i still like him. and he said only reason we stopped talking last year was bc i said i was talking to someone else. but he moved 2.5 hours away but his mom lives 15 minutes away from me. so we hung out and we flirted so much! we ended up cuddling for 4 hours and he kept kissing me like constantly kissing me for four hours! and he wasn't planning on moving back and my dad talked to him trying to convince him to move back and didn't take much. he told me that he is applying for the job my dad mentioned (which was where my dad works) and said actually, if i don't get that job I'm going to move back anyways i'll find another job in the area if i don't and then said how my hair looks really nice. and yeah so is he moving back bc of me? he could easily get a job where he lives. he also wants me to meet his dad i met his family just not his dad yet. so how serious would you be GUYS to move 2.5 hrs for a girl? (if that is the case) ANDHow serious would you be to want her to meet your dad (who lives 2.5 hours away) also we were watching a movie where there was a baby he said i wouldn't do that to my baby... if i had a baby... when i decide to have a baby... would you do that to your baby?
and asked if i went to his dad's house if i could stay over or would your parent's not be ok with that? i said they wouldn't be just because they wouldn't trust me he's like yeah they wouldn't want you to come home pregnant uk i wouldn't step over those boundaries bc i have a good, big heart and wouldn't ever hurt you. what did he mean about the baby thing?
how serious would you be about a girl if you want her to meet your dad? how serious would you be to move 2.5 hours closer to her? thank you in advance! and don't say oh he wanted sex no we cuddled 4 hours and he didn't make a move like that we made out but that's it.


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  • He's very serious


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