She accepts tickets for herself and her goddaughter... now what?

I've had this crush on this girl, and unfortunately the only way I know her is through her being a gym instructor in a class I take with her... which I know makes this very difficult for success on my end in this context... but I tried anyway.

She of course is naturally cheerful and bubbly to everyone -- this being somewhat her job -- but in recent weeks her behavior toward me I thought changed, she took more of an interest in how I was doing and even ran up to me once after a class, jumped, and did a "double high five" but then grabbed my hands and brought them both down, as well as singled me out on her own accord for a fitness assessment even though I had been doing those with another male instructor and had never brought the topic up to her before. Of course, I realize these can all just be natural things in the course of our professional relationship, signifying nothing as to a necessary personal interest on her end...

Anyway, I felt this great energy from her that I didn't before, so I decided to "take a chance" and just be bold and let her know my interest, even if she never had the thought before. The only advantage I could think of is that most of her clients are actually female (male/female ratio in these classes is like 10/90), so even though I *KNOW* she gets hit on, maybe it's not endless and so I thought to do something a little different...

I bought a pair of ticket to Stars on Ice (google it) and wrote her a letter, complimenting her and how she's had a positive impact, and that I would like to take an opportunity and take her to this show... I wrote that because of our professional relationship, if she doesn't think this is a good idea, she can just throw the tickets away, and I'll understand completely. Otherwise, she can get back to me for more (I leave my number)...

I know, I know... not orthodox. Anyway, due to crazy timing, she ends up getting the letter on the next class period at the exact time I'm arriving (I spot this out of the corner of my eye as I'm checking in, but she doesn't notice I'm even there yet... so I slink away and get dressed. My timing is impeccable :/). So I'm sure she's a bit shocked by it at the time, however she is *excessively* nice to me that class period.
She finds me stretching out on the floor by myself before class and strikes up a conversation, asks how I'm doing, what a great day it is, etc. Singles me out a couple times in class to encourage me, then as I'm leaving the door (I wasn't going to follow up with her until the next time if she didn't), she abruptly stops the conversation she's having with someone else to thank me so much for coming in and to have a wonderful night... and was *excessively* cheerful about it. Definitely NOT trying


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  • Again , continue to pay her attention with finesse , don't be obvious that you into her ; she will already see this while not being transparent to the surrounding people. It may sound tacky to some here but you may consider placing a yellow rose under her drivers side windshield wiper !! Just a subtle hint , without over powering the situation. Brother I have read and commented on a few post of this nature but this is the first where I am cheering for a victor. Fist bump young man , you got me nodding my head.. You will do well , I got faith you got this. Not being nosy but if you get an extra minute after your date drop me a line and let me know how it goes down.

    • GAG merged my questions and got rid of the version I wanted. So here is the link to the full story: Full Story here:

      Haha well glad you have the faith in me. But I don't have a date yet... remember she is using the tickets for her and her goddaughter...

      Bottom line you think the pursuit is still on... and that she just wants me to chase her for a longer period of time (with the same "finesse" I have been using)? Rather than just accept my tickets?

    • She know your interested in her as a more than friend relationship , or she would have already shut you down already. Many women like to be Pursued as much as being caught. Yes finesse is going to play a big roll in not pressuring her , it won't give her the impression of non interest. You don't have to be extravagant with it , just little things that let her know your thinking of her will do farrrr more that you will believe. Just a strategicly placed card or flower that she will find when she least expects it will make her day , and who knows what she will be thinking while she ereads the card or smells the flower?

    • I wish I could see it as simply as you do... then I could agree with the logic "she would have shut you down already". Problem is... she also has an obligation to be as tactful and nice as possible, since I am also a client of hers... if that wasn't a dynamic, then I would agree with you completely...

      I'll see what subtlety I can manage, but for now I think I might just act normally around her and check in with her after the ice show event with her gd...

      Thanks for the input!

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  • So basically she accepted the tickets for which you wanted to use with you and her not her and her goddaughter? And your wondering if she did this as the nice way to let you down? or that you might still have a chance?

    • Right

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    • Ok thanks for your opinion

    • No problem :) happy to help

  • Is there more to this?

    • There is, but I ran out of room. I can't edit or delete this question... stupid. I made a new question with the same title, and this time got to the point right away, then posted a link to the "full story" for more info...

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  • I can see where you are perplexed with this situation at it's present stage. On the one hand it could be that she is just super nice with you just as she is with everyone else , or is it that there is some measure of interest and for professional reasons they can't be shown? The sky ticket gift with out a doubt got you noticed. Smooth move to just play It cool and not inquire at to them being received. Just give it more time and the real picture will reveal it's self. If she is just being super friendly you don't want to put your self in a position to be embarrassed , just be (all back of the bus , as it were ) pactient and see if her friendliness becomes more apparent or it developed to something else. Good luck , and fist bump on the tickets , super smooth move

    • Hey thanks Byron for the response. As it turns out, I couldn't finish my story because of GAG's limitations, nor could I edit or delete it. So I started it over with a summary of the situation as well as a link to the full story... I only got about half of it here.

      So if you could check out the other question and see if you have any other insights, it would be much appreciated.

    • I am intrigued with this. I will be glad to check it out. Thanks

  • Look, life is too short to puzzle over things like this. Just come out and say you like her, and see her reaction. If no, just get another girl.

    • That's pretty much what my letter to her did... it was handwritten and complimented her a bunch and based on her reaction (detailed in full story), she seemed to know what my intent was. But what I'm trying to figure out is if I still have another play with her or not, since her response isn't a clear "yes" or "no".

  • This is real complicated...

    • Please see new question with same title, which gets to the point right away, and has a link to the "full story"

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