How much do you limit your dating pool with physical requirements?

For example if you only date guys over 6' you are narrowing your field to 14% of men. Or if you limit it to girls with D cups that's about 13% of women. On top of that I'm sure you think they have to have an attractive face, etc.

I would say that about 40% of women meet my physical requirements. Would I like a perfect 10? Obviously, but emotional and intellectual compatibility is more important to me generally. But I think that I would date 3-4 out of every 10 girls I see, but I probably wouldn't be compatible with them.

  • 1-5% meet my physical requirements
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  • 6-15% meet my physical requirements
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  • 15-35% meet my physical requirements
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  • 35-60% meet my physical requirements
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  • 60-90% meet my physical requirements
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This should go wi
This should go without saying but I am referring to requirements not preferences.


Most Helpful Girl

  • My requirements are mostly personality based. Physical traits are all specific, but are preferences.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Requirements? About 35%
    All preferences included? About 5%

    But if I can find a guy with all my requirements and two bonus preferences, I'm good to go.

  • It's probably less than 1%. Looks and personality based. I'm a picky one. :/


What Guys Said 2

  • honestly though, if you think about all the people you reasonably meet in your life, 10% is not all too bad... you still have loads of options. For one, I like girls taller than 5'7 with green eyes I wonder what percentage that is but I bet not good. But, I have dated 4 girls that fit that description and I am only 24, that's still plenty of options.

  • Thick body, not blonde, under 5'7 thats all.