If I have AT&T unlimited messaging. Is sending/receiving pictures/sounds/videos include or is it extra charge?

I have unlimited texting but I keep getting charged for sending stuff? WHY?

sorry I know it doesn't apply to the website but this is rely ticking me off

i meant to say "really" not "rely" jeez...I'm so ticked that I'm making simple mistakes
i looked online and in brochures, etc. and they say "share a smile through text messaging unlimited by sending a picture/video" and I asked the guy who helped me with my phone and he said it is included.
i called and the girl said no...so are the brochures, internet, and that guy who helped me all wrong? That is dumb because I'm guessing that at least half (if not more) of their customers look online for details. This is really frustrating.


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  • well its called "unlimated texting" right?

    so that would only apply to texting

    sending a picture or video is not a form of texting.

    thats more of an email type of thing don't you think?

    lol if you keep getting charged for it its obviously not included.

    the best place to find out would be like uhhh

    CALLING AT&T cause they can give you information on like YOUR account


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  • I think it's extra charge. It was that way with mine until I got a better plan that includes all that in it.


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  • i think you need an unlimited media package in order for those services to be included. but I'm not 100% sure.

  • Pictures and video's do not include in the unlimated texting package. For that you have to pay each time you send pictures and vidoes, unless you get unlimited pictures and videos.

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