Tall women that generally have a height requirement?

This is for the women who are on the taller side that generally have a preferences for guys taller than them. Do you make exceptions or are you strict about dating taller than you?

Assume aside from the height you would be pretty interested.


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  • Usually my height and taller.
    Guys usually don't like to date girls shorter then them, so I've never really thought about it.

    • Yeah I figured usually your height or taller but is it a strict rule or if you met the right guy would an inch or two not really matter?

    • If he didn't care and everything else was great, I'd be stupid to turn him down for that.

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  • Most of my friends who are tall mostly want a tall guy too but tgat shouldn't discourage u from trying. as long as ur confident thats all that matters

  • i dont have a preference and that would be cutting out a pool of men, who dont fit into the height requirement,

    short men love me and i love it lol


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