He thinks I love him?

So basically Im seeing a guy and while he calls me his friend we kiss and cuddle and talk on the phone, have sex. He has told me from the beginning he likes me a lot and a few weeks ago we agreed we're dating. I'm happy about that expect confused since he said he's my friend last night... Anyways the problems started occurring a couple weeks ago when the texts and calls started to become less. Not non-existent just less. And for a while I just said nothing and thought he was busy. (It wasn't just the texts that made me irritated and a bit hurt) Anyways fast forward to a few days ago I went over to his place and basically just explained how I was feeling and somewhere along the lines of me crying and sobbing, he said "oh wow. You're in love with me." He cares about me and says he can't stop talking about me and wants me to know that im not a secret and he wants everyone he knows to meet me (I've already met several of his friends so im not worried about that) and that I see him more than any of his friends which is new for him. Anyways we're good now. But I can't stop thinking of what he said. Honestly I don't think I love him. I like him a lot yes. But love... I don't know. I haven't been in love before and the idea of it kind of terrifies me and makes my stomach drop. I've seen him since and Im meeting his friend from home and a bunch of his other friends Saturday. I just dont really know if I should say something or just wait things out? All in all my brain won't stop repeating what he said.


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  • If you don't that was a rather exaggerated emotional response when you went to talk to him.

    • I dono. It kind of took me a while to process cause I was ridiculously tired and vulnerable and yea... but ugh i dont like not understanding what to do or what to think.

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