Guys things you feel that's not true in the real life about women but its true on Internet? 1 women dont care about appearance?

What you do you see in the real life that dont exist in the real life about women?

We all know women care about appereance and if you look shit but you have nice personality it may make them run of you

What else you think it's perfect here but in the real life doesn't work?

I wish Adam and jemmy from myth busters do some test about these things HAHAHA



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  • I know a lot of women on here say height doesn't matter, but it does matter to some extent. I can't even go out with my best friend because he is in waaaaay better shape than me, but I still get all the attention from girls we approach because I am like 8 in taller.

    Girls also say they don't like a guy that 'plays games', Any guy I know that successful dates, plays games initially when meeting a girl. by playing games, I mean waiting to text back, or holding back how interested you are. Anytime I show how interested I am too soon, girls loose intrest big time and call you a creep or loser

    • I agree with the games yes they like games but maybe they're just shy to admit it maybe it will make them weird but many guys will pay the cost for being loser based on their wrong answers that dont exist in the real life :)

    • I don;t think they know themselves they like games, guys like it too. If a girl doesn't have some mystery to her or seems to available, I know I assume I can 'have her' and keep my options open even if I like her. People don't like games, but it's what make us interested.

    • They know it but they will crack their perfect pic in their minds.

      New post will be what would you name a douche bag in the real life? Girl magnet? Most wanted? Or WTH?

  • Girls often say that on GaG men don't like larger breasts or like "all breasts" but in real life men only like large boobs (which isn't true)
    Something I saw women say is that they don't care about the physique of a man much (can have some pudge) yet I have yet to see that in real life haha

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