Does a guy have to text me often to know if he may be interested in me?

In the beginning, he messaged me first and kept me updated with his whereabouts for our first date. That night I was mostly listening to what he was saying and acted somewhat cool. When I kissed him good bye- trying to end the date... that kiss was electrifying (because we matched so well) and changed the mood of the entire night. We left off on a note we wanted to see each other again.

Two days later, I text first but he asked me if I want to see him. He visited from 11pm-3:30am and leaves after he bought us food. He mentioned twice he had an amazing night. Once after arguing with a woman on why she was ruining his amazing night with me, once while kissing me goodbye.

Two days later, I again text first and make the move to ask him if he wants to hang out. We set what I thought was a time for the next day, but I didn't see him till 3 hours later without much notice from him. We ended having nice dinner and he came back for a nightcap. When he left I thought we both felt good and he told me to text him.

I did two days later, we had a light conversation where it ended kind of confusing and no reply from him.

We saved a date to hang out in a few days during our last date but I'm a little worried if he doesn't hit me up? I act cool, but I get anxiety by putting myself up to be rejected by texting him first so this is bothering me. He's the first guy I had been interested in since my messy break up with an ex a while ago so I'm keen on him.


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  • This could be a case of infatuation, where at first you are very physically attracted to each other, but then it fades, but even if it's not, not texting first is not the best sign.