Does this girl like me or something?

There is this one girl in my health class that I believe likes me. The professor is really laid back and lets us choose our seats and there used to be someone else that sat next to me but since she comes in earlier she always picks the seat next to mine, when we were at the computer lab the other day the row I was in was all occupied but when I turned around to ask someone something and I saw her sitting in the row behind me and there was space in other rows further than me, and the thing that I think pretty much gave her away was a few days ago our professor told us he was going to arrive a little late so I was standing outside waiting, I was standing not that distant to another classmate then I saw her arrive and she got in between us and stood literally next to me, she also always does this thing where she'll like fix her hair looking at me and when I turn she turns the other way lol.

Does she like me?


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  • She does sound like she does. Have you guys talked? Or no?

  • Yea. These were probably supposed to be subtle hints


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