How serious would you be if?

how serious would you be GUYS (girls feel free to answer) if you told a girl you were cuddling with that you wanted her to meet your dad?

how serious would you be if you told her that you were going to move back (15 minutes away from her instead of 2.5 hours)?

what does this mean? i was watching a movie with a guy we cuddled for 4 hours he kept kissing me like on the back of my hand and on my cheek and on the lips for 4 hours.(was not trying to get in my pants). Part of the movie there was a baby he said "i wouldn't do that to my baby... if i had a baby... when i decide to have a baby... would you do that with your baby?" 5 second pauses for every... i wrote. what would you mean by that if you said that?

thank you!


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  • I guess I would be pretty serious if I said those words, I'd be a bitch to let those words escape my mouth and not come through on it.


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  • It sounds to me like this fella was probing during the movie to see if you were in line with his ideals for a woman. If after him asking about raising a child, he mentioned meeting his father and moving -much- closer... Well I would say you passed his various obvious test and he seems to be willing to commit as a result.

  • The question is very unclear to me (English isn't my native language), please work on your structure :p
    I dont know what you mean, but I'd be serious when a girl says something to me, especially if she looks honest.

    Sorry, but can you make every statement clearer for me please?

    • sure sorry i will when i get back though i just commented on yours lol

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