Type of relationship?

What type of relationship do you have with your girlfriend or boyfriend? What things work for you guys and what doesn't?


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  • Flirty and kissing on the neck I look out for her and try to make sure she's happy and comfortable she's playful and acts shy sometimes except for when she try really hard to be flirty and spontaneous it's cute because sometimes she epically fails and I just pull her close and Wrap my arms around her and she stays there looks up at me with her Chin against my chest and pouts or frowns because I'm a better flirt then her and I just play with her hair and call her my kitty cat love messing with her wavy red hair so much

    • Awweee that's so sweet, you have an amazing kind of relationship :)

    • Yeah but she calls me mean and says I should let her win more often

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  • The type i want is to take things slow pace but not move to fast
    cause moving too fast can ruin a good thing , I think both persons
    need space so blowing ones phone up with text messages and
    phone calls don't help either.


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  • I'm not sure the question you're asking but I'll describe our relationship.

    We are basically best friends. We hang out, we game together, we go out together, we see friends together. Don't get me wrong, we do do all these things independently but we do them together as well.

    We are lovers - we sleep with each other, in all senses, we kiss, we hug, we touch, we curl up together. We do stupid things like feed each other popcorn.

    I make it sound very romantic but really, we go to work, we come home, I make dinner, we snuggle, we game, we go to bed.


  • A good one. An awesome one. The best kind. We argue in person because it's less difficult to misunderstand what the other is trying to say. But we're best friends so we don't really argue all that much.

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