What do you think of my chances. Slim, none, or possible hope down the road?

So there is a girl I like. We went out on a date, hit it off well, she asked me on a second date and then hugged me before we left. I called later that night to tell her I had a good time and she answered. Tried texting her the next day just to get the conversation moving, and she never responded. Two days later I saw her at her work (I recently switched dentist and she is one of the hygienist that works there). She acted okay, just a little off compared to the date night. I presented her with a little silly gift (a tiny minion plush since she mentioned she was obsessed with them on our date), and she acted much nicer. The next day I saw her again as I got my teeth whitened by her. I asked if I had done something wrong and she said I hadn't done anything wrong, I was just a little pushy. I apologized for coming off a little too eager too quickly and if she would be interested in grabbing coffee/lunch sometime. She said she would but she was already seeing someone else. I then overheard her talking in the back to one of her coworkers and apparently this guy was her new boyfriend. So why would she tell me she is just seeing someone else, then tell someone out of earshot that it is her boyfriend? After I apologized, she was far nicer to me and we actually joked and cut up just like our date night. I did leave a tiny flower for her to find, which she did but didn't mention it to me, before I left. So I guess my question is pretty obvious by the title. I am backing off to let the proverbial dust settle for at least a week, before seeing if maybe she would be interested in at least keeping the lines of communication open. So what do you guys and gals think? I am also not going to be sitting around and just waiting for her, as I do have several other dates set up. So let's fire this bad boy up and get some opinions going. And GO!

Just an added note. The next I will see her for sure will be 6 months for my next cleaning (maybe some hope then?)

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  • She's just doing her job, which is partly being friendly to the patients. Likely she wanted you to overhear that conversation, by the way, just so you'd cool your jets a little.

    She probably doesn't really have anyone. It was just her way of saying, 'Hey, don't get the wrong idea just because I'm nice to you on the job.'

    • Oh I get that she would probably need to be somewhat nice to me. But after I gave her the silly gift the first visit, she instantly perked up and was actually cutting jokes with me. Then when I apologized the next day for being too eager, it was a night and day difference. She actually wanted to keep a conversation going with me, and making inside jokes from the first meeting. So I totally understand having to do her job, but seeing the transformation go from "nice" to being nearly the same person from our first meeting.

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    • Sorry to water your wine, but no chance here at all!

    • I don't mind having some "water in my wine", just nice to get some honest in depth opinions. No need to be coddled here. Just don't be upset if I seek you out down the road and say I turned a no into a yes haha. I don't think it will happen, but who knows as anything in life is possible.

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  • Not any time soon will talk be in contact. Maybe not even texting, but if you see her in six months and her bf and her are broken up, you may have a shot. I think you'll be in the back of her mind, but just not anytime soon.

    • I didn't think anything would happen soon as she did call me pushy. But I figured, doing some nice things for her like I did expecting nothing in return may just keep me in the back of her head. She genuinely seemed really interested and I am not one who usually reads that well in women, but I could easily see it in this situation.

  • Yea I would wait for sure


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  • Sorry mate but she was just being nice to you. Of course she start joking around and flirting a bit, she just put you down and felt guilty about it. I say move on and find a girl that will appreciate your interest :)

    • Oh I made up my mind that I wouldn't obsess over her and will continue to find other girls. If I am not worth her time, why should I focus only on her.