Would it be wrong to ask him out in this situation?

Hey guys. I need some advice.

I have witnessed many problems occur with my friends when they dated guys who were close to their siblings, so I'm not taking that route.

But what if my crush is only close to my cousin? My best guy cousin is best friends with my crush. For now we'll call my cousin max and my crush jack. Me and my cousin are like siblings, and I've gotten closer to jack. He's always teasing me, taking me places, buying me gifts, and talking to me about deep issues. We've been really close since high school, but I only started liking him this year.

Recently we went out to eat and my other friend asked me why I was still single. Max jokingly told everyone that he would kill his friends if they asked to be my girlfriend. "Family sticks together, I have to make sure my friendships dont go down the toilet". At first it was funny, but then I noticed how Jack was getting a little distant. He was acting weird for a few days, he would smile at me but continue hanging with his guy friends.

I don't know if he genuinely likes me and now feels like he has no chance or maybe I'm just imagining things. Either way, I've been thinking about asking him out but my friends say it wouldn't seem right and I would "make things complicated". Everyone thinks that, no one seems to agree with me. but I really like him. Sure we may be close family but Its not like Max is my brother.

Would I make things complicated if I asked him out? I don't want to make a sellfsih decision.

Damn it. I've realized I put this question in the wrong board. Sorry people, I should've put this under dating.


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  • Go for it. In these situations you really have nothing to lose. If you don't ask it will be an automatic "no" versus a chance he will also be interested.

    He might like you but there is the whole muddy issue of "bro-code" that prohibits him from actually making a move. If you approach him then that will open the door for him to get permission from your cousin, because yes... He will probably need permission.

    I've dated a close friend's sister before and while we did not last it went well enough. We are all still friends and look fondly upon the experience!


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  • I don't think it would be complicated take a risk take a chance make a change