Can you date a girl that betrayed her friend because of you?

Her friend (jenna) told the betrayer (Anna) she likes me and other stuff. I asked Anna out and she told me all her that jenna told her which was the reason she didn't accept me coz her friend liked me. Jenna later saw some signs between me and anna and asked anna what she had to do with me. Anna told her everything including her secretes that she told me. Jenna was furious but later forgave anna (shez a very nice person). Jenna later asked Anna if she (anna) has told me that she (jenna) knows what happening between between me and anna lied to jenna that she has told me everything meanwhile she never mentioned that to me. It was jenna who told me everything. Anna doesn't know that i know yet. Can i trust anna in a relatinship?


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  • If you want, but I don't recommend it. Before you date someone, you ought to see how they treat others. Then again, it isn't your fight.

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