When a guy plays it cool, when would he decide to text you again?

this guy that is one of my girl friend's best friend, texted me all night friday and came in to see me Saturday night at work.

he plays everything cool, he's not a persistent guy that will bug you every day.

but asked me to hang with him sometime, even though he knows I'm coming to his game friday, and knows I'm gonna hang with our friends next weekend.

so will I hear from him before that? or what?


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  • lol...interesting question...i guess one thing correctly...u have got a CRUSH on him right?

    ok,to begin with lets say try to be close to him,act friendly,tease him,try to be flirty----these actions will surely draw his attention on u!

    and about the message texting...i think that's not the best way to talk with a boy!...try to talk with him directly...most boys lose their cool when they talk to pretty girls!...lol..;)

    so directly hang around with him and go to his game!...se how he reacts when you flirt with him..ok?

    Hope this helps.



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