I feel like she likes hanging out with other guys than she does with me, what do I do?

So I'm dating this girl, let's call her P, and she has lots of friends, many of which are my friends. And I guess I kind of get jealous whenever I see her with other guys, for instance, today at aschool dance, I never once got a chance to even hang out with her, because these guys - her friends - were hanging out with her and pulling her away from me. And I want to bring it up, but I feel like I'd be asking for too much...


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  • It's going to be hard to approach her without her getting a little offended or upset, even though deep down, she knows that you are probably right. And I do think you are right in feeling bothered by this. You could approach her and I think it might be a good move if you do, BUT you have to do it in the right way. You can't start it off by accusing her of cheating or demanding that she stops hanging out with her guy friends, but what I would do is come to her in a caring manner and say something like "hey P, you know I care about you a lot and this is why I am bothered a little by you always hanging out with other guys and making me feel left out. The other day at the dance, I felt like you really didn't want me there because you were hanging out with them. It sort of hurt my feelings." That way, if she's a good girlfriend, she'll feel bad that your feelings were hurt and she'll be less likely to feel accused and angry. It's hard to yell at someone whose feelings were hurt by you. I'm not saying that you need to turn on the waterworks, you can be calm and collected, but it's better than saying something like "Those guys are more important to you than me!" She WILL respect you more for it. Cheers!
    ~Panda Graciosa

  • yes her guy friends are her muse... i think you should move on


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