Dating problem, I don't know what to do. Should I say see you later?

So I like to find a girl that I hacn share same values and similarities. I am a very passionate person, loving, affective, love making, rather than just sex (in other words I give myself to the girl I like. I'm hard worker, love sports and stay active. I'm smart, and a gentleman. I'll open her doors evrytime, pamper her, Send her notes, cute texts, love notes, and amazing beautiful details for her. I am the type of guy who would give it all from start so wear my heart on my sleeve and I get hurt all the time.
For instance, dating a girl I met online, and our first date went great.
by the way, she was looking for a guy who "doesn't like to play games, who's old fashion and not a douche, who's very affective and loves good communication, who's likes to watch movies and have a nice meal and wine rather than going to a bar or club, who's into sports, fun, honest, Blah blah" Next day I texted her a sweet note, and she said she didn't think I would call her back. I thought she could Have insecurities due to his past relationships and dates. The last guy seemed like he just wanted to sleep with her, but painted a different world to her and same with the one before so on.
After days of texting and having long conversations over the phone, she stopped or would take forever to respond. She said her dad was ill and had to be hospitalized. I didn't freak out, that's something people wouldn't lie about. Gave her space, but kept in touch letting her know I cared about her and asking her how her father was. If any help I was there to help anytime. Then father got better, and she continued to take her time to respond. Howeve she seemed so busy but had time to go on Facebook and not send one reply? I told her I noticed a change and wish her luck, bc im not here to play games, and sorry of I gave her too much affection, and caress. That im not needy, or begging for love, but I am very loving and caring. We had another great date, but again she's doing same thing.


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  • Perhaps, there needs to be clarification of what each of needs from a relationship. Needs do not make you needy, but it sets some boundaries. Once this conversation takes places and she doesn't hold her to word then, yes, I would say it is time to let it go and go with what it is that your heart does want.


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