What do I do when the time comes👇?

I am young right now so i am not looking for a relationship but i do have social anxiety. I know the problem isn't present but i am wondering, when or if i do get a boyfriend, how i would tell or go about me having social anxiety. Do i just be upfront? Do i let him figure it out?


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  • That's just a fear and you should probably help yourself coming out of that by interacting with people. I see you aren't even 18 so i presume that you still have a lot to see and thus don't tell yourself that you have social anxiety. That might be just temporary.
    About telling things to your future partner, it completely depends on situations at that time.. Maybe he finds out on the very first day he sees you or maybe he finds out while talking to you or maybe he you let him know through your actions.. It all depends on the bond you guys share before actually getting into relationship.. so that's way too far to get tensed about it know..
    Stay Blessed :)


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  • u mean u dont like being around other? if thats the case either u could get someone like u and both hide or myself i hate being around other because everone seems to be retarded. but i would love to have a optimistic social gf/wife so she can go out and do things and ill be "forced" along from time to time, or when i want to see what she's up to and who her friends are. just depends what u want to do. i would say it has nothing to do really with geting or keeping a bf. it will probably affect the type of people u attract or are attracted too though.

    • I too would want someone to push me to do more things socially and in public but i just wonder how i would tell him i get anxious or when he wants to go somewhere with me, he won't understand why i wouldn't want to go.

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