Why are you so easy?

So, everyone on the internet has been telling me that the dating game is the hardest thing in life. Guess what? It's the easiest fucking thing in life. Yes, I'm telling that women are super easy to "seduce". All you need to do is be confident, even if you're a complete train wreck of a person, because women ALWAYS fall head over heels for confidence, they don't give a single fucking shit about anything else. You can be the biggest asshole to ever live, yet you can get away with it by being confident! Goddammit, I'm the most insecure guy out there, trust me, and even I did it, I faked confidence and got a date now! How the hell do you explain your shallowness? And dammit, please don't use the "instinct" argument, we are in the 21t century, we are not cavemen/cavewomen. Confidence is NOT EVERYTHING in a person! Why the hell do you ignore the rest when the guy is confident? Please, explain this to me.

And call me what you want, but you women are so weak in this aspect. It's ironic because men are weaker than you, psychologically speaking, yet the only ones who make the error of dating hot bitches are the unintelligent minority among us men.

PS: Yeah sure, not all women are like that, but this kind of women (the one I was referring to) are NO minority, and the ones who aren't like that are the rarest thing in the world. Yeah sure, you can comment saying that "you rejected confident idiots", but I can assure you, that's your pseudo-rationality talking, because when push comes to shove, you'll be running after that guy like a lion after a wounded gazelle.

*grabs popcorn, watching them in denial*


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  • You actually are kind of right, in the dating world this "type" of man often gets more luck with women than the actual genuine man. This is why I do not date or go on dating sites. To avoid men like yourself (not trying to offend) but men who play mind games and have fake confidence. But these type of women fail in relationships. They are insecure and confused. Thinking that they want this certian type of man, because that's whats in demand I guess. It's bullshit and sucks for the guys AND girls who actually want a genuine connection. But look at it this way it weeds out all the stupid people, but your left with not that many choices, but I guess it all makes sense when you actually find the right person, because finding that right person isn't something easy to do, it takes time and patience.

    • Well, this is the comment with the most correct statement, I'll give you that. But this is every girl's weakness, EVEN the ones who want a genuine connection. In a theoretical situation, you'd say that "confidence isn't everything on a guy and that personality is key", but in the moment you won't even think of this, your instincts will overthrow your (correct) logic.

      I mean, I never saw a girl reject a confident guy (even if he's a total douche). Is it so hard to differentiate instincts from reason? Even for guys, why the hell do they always follow their instincts when dating? Being hot doesn't imply a good personality, as well as confidence doesn't imply a good personality, but men can always get away with just being confident. This coming from the most insecure wreck on the face of the earth! Why the hell are you so irrational relationship-wise?

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  • I think that you have yet to truly discover a woman. No confidence is not everything for women, but that coupled with good conversation it can be hard to turn away. YET, women who know what they want, be it an friends with benefits situation, dating or long term romance will not always give to you what you think is easy to obtain.

    Why are you giving yourself away so freely? Maybe that should be the question asked. Would you like a name to a good therapist to assist you in working through your issues?

    • Aww, it's so cute when you try to humiliate me! :D
      44 years old? I agree, women are more mature at that age and they follow the same mindset as you. Now, before that (18-24)? Believe me, they're all easy to obtain (general terms), they don't give a fuck if the guy has a good personality, trust me.

      And no, I'm not a jerk, I just used the situation against itself ;)

  • An insecure woman will fall easy prey to a confident man, and many many women are very insecure.

    • insecure women just fall easier compared to the rest

  • Whoa, slow down there. all your "confidence" is spilling out and making you sound like a fucking douche bag, pal.
    not all women are gonna fall for you just because you're "confident" it's probably because she already thinks you're attractive, and that confidence makes you seem cool, like you know what you're doing. you could be the most suave guy out there but if the chick finds you unattractive or annoying you're not gonna get anywhere.

    • Douchebag? Oh my god, my feelings were hurt with that one! :'(
      Trust me, I'm a 5.5-6 at my best. I'm not THAT attractive. Your comment is the perfect archetype of what i referred in my OP. Just like Mike Tyson said: "everyone has a plan, until they get hit in the face.". You say that "women don't fall for a guy just because he's confident", but if a confident guy showed up in front of them, they would go after him like a lion after a wounded gazelle. You're just like a kid: you know you did something wrong, but you won't admit it.

      I just find it adorable when I you're in denial. Oh my god, it's the cutest thing, really! :D

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    • Now that you mention it, there aren't any cliffs around here.

      trust me, I'm a normal guy, I'm a good person if the other isn't an idiot, and I'm literally the opposite of cocky, I'm the most insecure wreck you'll ever meet. And yeah, it could be better, insecurity screws a person up, but I'm working on it. Insecurity is a bad thing to have, trust me.

    • Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with women nowadays? Why the fuck is stupidity and hipocrisy such a common trait among you? Just fucking admit that you're an irrational, pathetic being who can't fucking use their brains when it comes to dating? Trust me, it isn't that hard! xDD

      How didn't anyone tried to push me off a cliff? I'm such a brutally honest guy, amirite? xDD

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  • What you have said is specific to YOU, probably because you have some advantages (like extremely good looks or loads of money), or perhaps you reside in a locality where most girls are open to dating without requiring too much efforts to 'impress' them.

    But for a lot of men, getting a 'yes' from a woman to an offer of a date or relationship is excruciatingly tough.

    • Nope, nope and nope (I'm a 5.5-6 at my best, middle class, some of them). It's not that tough, trust me. If an insecure guy like me can do it, ANY baseline confident guy can.

  • It easy for some people, it hard for someone else.

    I'm happy that you got a date, but the race is not over yet. Can you keep her interested and stay with you?

    Practice the 3 C's : Confident, Control, and Challenge.

    • I'm glad to see someone as young as you following these great guidelines laid out by the Doc.

    • I don't agree with everything he say but the 3 C's is the only thing that hold true for me :D

    • That won't be a problem, since my only issue is the "getting a date" part. Once I have it, it's easy as pie.