Miss this girl but don't really have any way to see her and communication not there , left frustrated?

so there was this girl I knew from hometown and was friends with for a bit last couple of years but she's sort of back home than away at college so been times I don't see much of her. and currently going through one of those don't hear or see her for a while and getting frustrated. I find it all rather confusing as to why she's so distant when she's away at college cause she will say hi to me if she run's into me at like a bar.

but I can't seem to really find a way to stay in touch with her when she's at school. and then she'll come back home for summer and want me to talk to her at local pub on Friday night. I'm also not even exactly sure as to whats going on with her , her exact relationship status is a mystery to me and I don't even know if she plans on coming back home this summer or not. I'm just so frustrated and i can't seem to forgot about her


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  • I'm in the same boat except in reversed role. Very frustrating!


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