Girls what's a good idea for a first date?

i already tried longboarding, frisbee golf and looking at the city lights from the hills i had a great time but i noticed she was a little bored that was a double date now we are going on our first actual date what do you suggest?

guys can comment too


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  • Bowling? It's not a terrible idea, you can have fun and still talk

    • that's not a bad idea she's a little shy so maybe an indoors date would keep her in her comfort zone.

    • Its a great first date idea because you get to see if she has a competitive side too!

    • @shyguy30 that's what I was thinking, and personally I would love it becasue I am competitive, but I suck at bowling... Haha

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  • if she was bored then she may not be that into outdoor activities. try something indoors like a museum or exibit.

    • i thought so too thanks for your opinion

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  • Why do people do like sports type things for first date?

    • what's wrong with sporty things

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    • but sweating isn't bad either you will be sweating when you have sex so might as well get used to their sweat.

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