Should I keep hope that we will get back together?

So I guess I was that sort of asshole boyfriend. All of her friends hated me and said I was using her which was far from the truth. They said I was full of myself. Her parents hated me to. She was going to move out with me and leave all that behind. She ended out backing out saying I don't care about her and only stay because I like that she keeps coming back said I was just using her. Didn't believe that I loved her. Breaks my heart because I would do anything for this girl.

I treated her like a piece of meat in the beginning because she acted like that's what she wanted. She said she wanted nothing more than to hook up. We would have to sneak around Everywhere. This girl never communicated with me fully.

Was going through the police academy and I guess you could say I neglected her a little bit because I was so busy and attessed. She would say things that really pissed me off and I would snap on her sometimes she said I would be really mean when I got mad. I was really grumpy and I warned her that this was going to happen During the academy.

Anyways she ended it I ended up writting a very long letter explaining myself and how I have to learn to separate my home life and police life. I got very emotional she never saw me like that. She wrote another letter back saying this is goodbye for now And hopefully we can be together again in the future when she's established and not reliant on her parents.



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  • I don't know, what's done is done, and she sounds stubborn.


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  • Yes. I love when hope rots.

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