My boyfriends mom is ridic?

My bf of 4 years moved to Georgia for a day and when he comes home to visit he stays at my apartment. His mom gets upset that he chooses to stay with me instead of her house overnight. He is 27 and we have been together 4 years isn't that kind of expected that you would stay with your partner after 4 years. She also complains all the time saying that whenever he sees her and his 2 brothers and step dad I am always with him well hello of course when he only sees the girl he is going to marry every couple of months for a weekend he is going to bring me. Pretty natural when you are in an adult relationship. My bf always stands up for me when his mom gets upset about crap like this. Will it last forever?


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  • It's great that he actually stands up for you. Not many guys do that, especially to their mom. It will most likely last until she's finally come to terms your not going anywhere. Can happen when you actually get married or she can act this way all the time, even when you are married. It's all on her, you just try and tune her out, your man has given you your place, stand firmly there. Don't let her slowly push you away. It's a good thing you have your own place to live. So you don't have to deal with this too often.

  • I think you'll just have to let her deal with it. You're boyfriend stands up for you, you should be fine

    • Yeah like does she expect him to stay over at Mommy's forever? She always tells him you're not married I should come first. I'm like really you're son is an adult its time for him to leave the nest.

    • Yea my mom acts like that with me, I don't have a boyfriend. But it's more like I'd rather stay at my dads or hang out with my cousins. I wouldn't worry about it. She'll understand eventually

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