I am so lost! Please help?

So there's this guy I've been talking to everyday for the past 7 months now. And I'm just really trying to figure out whether he likes me or not. He's really flirty, kind of shy but he's never asked me out on a date or something even remotely similar. So i decided that i just wanted to get some answers for myself so i asked him if he could help me out with some school work for college. He basically said that i was a smart girl and that i could figure it out on myself. I'm just so confused right now. Why would someone talk to me everyday in a flirty way but yet never have the courage to ask me out? I have already given him signs that I'm interested too so i don't get the problem.. could it be the age difference? We're 5 years apart... or is it just that he doesn't like me...


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  • ummmm if u asked him to help u and he turned u down maybe he was busy... try again and make it open ended like ooo when could u have some free time to help me with school work maybe. or ask him to help u with something he's good at in school when he has time. if he turns those down he does not like u. he won't make time for u even when u make it open like that its over before it started.


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