Is it rare for a 24 yr old to still be single and had never had a guy before?

I was never allowed to date until I turned 16 but once turned 16, i still didn't get a boyfriend yet because I was so focused on school and didn't want a relationship to distract that. But once I turned 18 and up to 24, it didn't really matter to me not that I don't want one, but I'm just not in a rush at all and right now and I honestly know NOTHING about relationships and sex, I'm focused on my careers and I guess my feelings towards it is "if I get a guy, than I get one. But if not, oh well." But it's not really a big deal to me

But I know that I'm not gonna be single forever but as far right now, I'm fine with it.

But should I stay single, or should I start dating to start maturing about sex and relationships?


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  • Yes good for you ! Girls can just do fine without guys and relationships
    You should stay focused on your career right now... I really think it what makes a woman strong & independent but if a guy you like came along then go for it besides your career


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  • not really, seems like a lot of them on this site.


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  • Weird?
    People usually start their early experiences (with the opposite sex) as a teenager.
    Don't worry what people think and continue living your life.

    • Also, If you plan on having a family one day. I suggest you at least start putting yourself out there more.
      It won't be long before you are 30 and your clock starts to tick.

  • Nah. There are no rules that say you have to date by a certain age or anything. It's all about when you're comfortable and ready.

  • more shocking to hear of a girl like this than i hear of a guy

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