Why did he change his opinion about my dreams?

At first he said that wanting to share your life with someone was infantile and silly. He talked about his experiences. I didn't listen to the red flag of his comment but didn't want to sleep with him unless sure he loved me or was serious about me. Then when he was exasperated that I didn't want to sleep with him and as a result he decides to rub the fact that Im alone and single in my face. I told him that I wassnt a beggar and he answered neighther am I. But then i told him that I believed in the "silly" dreams and that we wanted different things. He said we definitely want different things but amazingly he said that my dream a wasn't silly at all and that he wished me the best of luck. He has been following me for 5 years. All I can say is WTF! Did he say that my dream a wasn't silly to hurt me?


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  • Not sure I am following... but you two are not on the same page. Move on to someone else.


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  • Who knows?


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