Part 3 on the guy with the gf?

So if u haven't read the last two
Ilike this guy who has a gf
And now he is trying decide if he wants me or his gf.
I talked to his girl friend on here and she isn't mad at him or me
She just want to compete with me for him
Reminder he lives in a differant county and she is like 23 I think an I'm 16
How and I'm suppost to compete with a women how do I gain his love or should I try?


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  • Why don't you go find a "guy without a gf" and be his number one instead of being someone's number two fighting to be number one. Leave him alone because eventually if he does pick you he get tired of you and will find somebody else that's willing to play the number two spot. Like seriously ate you that damn desprate?


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  • If you fall in love with two persons choose the second because if you loved the first one you wouldn't love the second


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  • If he even need to think about which of you to pick I guess he doesn't love you enough? You don't need to compete for him, you can leave cause the prize for winning is a guy who toys with 2 girl at the same time. You want that?