I am going to contact her through facebook?

i want to contact a girl. We both attend the same university. what your thoughts on the statements below:

  • Hey name, my names name.
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  • hey Sheila, my names Anthony. i just randomly added you.. i wanted to hit you up to have a convo. It would be extremely awkward if you didn't reply.. ;)
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she saw the message... no reply...


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  • The second one will send red flags and will make you sound like a creep. Ease into conversation with her, introduce yourself, find common interests, and you'll do just fine with the lass

  • I dont't know, I kinda like the second option. Does she know you exist? For some reason the second option put a smile on my face. Maybe it's because it's different? Or maybe I'm just weird :p

    • love the reply. i like humor

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    • Has she "read" it yet? Give it time! C:

    • it says seen. im thinking she would reply tomorrow... Friday night... probably drinking and stuff ya know

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