GIRLS.. Is it a turnoff if a guy doesn't take anything seriously? And what things should he take seriously?

I don't take much seriously in life, BUT things most people wouldn't I do. Like how people treat others, ANY type of culture and it's influence on the world like BS rap and pop along with art, and my own music and art.

There were times I took religion, politics, and ideas seriously BUT I've internalized all I've learned and learned talking about those things with people and it seems ANYTHING seriously isn't good because people get offended when their reality is challenged and MOST my ideas contradict the STATUS QUO lifestyle and mindstate so in general I try to refrain from talking about things and just act like a goof and like I don't care about anything


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  • Yes. I'm not sure if that's true for other girls, but I could imagine that it would be. Honestly, I hateeee it when people don't take anything seriously. For example, people saying "whatever" or "I don't care" in about any situation is one of my biggest pet peeves.


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