Is my decision of remaining single for at least 3 years correct?

I used to be very active on some dating site a year ago. I met some really wonderful women but never dated anyone. I just used to have fun conversations. Later i realized it was a waste of time and all together stopped it forever. I now feel a little alone but i wanna focus on my career much and so have decided bot not to date anyone for at least 3 years. I do have some female friends and enjoy a lot with them. But i sometimes feel the need of a gf.
Is my decision of remaining single for 3 years correct? I am 25.


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  • I think its actually a good idea. If you focus on yourself and being the best you chances are you will find a person in that time frame. You dont have to actively seek a partner or girlfriend but just make sure that you ENJOY your time off from dating and partners.. you dont want to be miserable and resentful. I think its more about your mindset than anything. I dont believe in soulmates.. there are many people we can end up with and make a life with so by you focusing on yourself and your goals you will attract people who want the same and eventually that could lead to finding a mate in the future. The trick is not thinking about it too much.

    • The only disadvantage i find is that i have to go through many on and offs with some girls during this time off.

    • what do you mean by off and ons?

    • Confusions... sometimes she likes me sometimes i like her but then she doesn't or i dont.

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  • Time doesn't matter. You may not change at all in 3 years or you may change a lot in 1 year. Focus on your goals. If you meet someone you are interested in than pursue it.

    • Do you think it really happens? That we meet someone we want to pursue just like that without going out there and looking?

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    • I sent you messages because I had a lot to say and this limits how much I could type.

    • You are insane :-D

  • There's no right or wrong in choosing to be single, just pros and cons. If you want a serious relationship, you have to be ready and make sure you know what you want.

    • you are just repeating my thougts in different words i feel. So you agree that i should take time and focus on my career for the time i have ascertaine?

    • Ascertained *

    • You're the only one who could answer that. It's nice to have someone to inspire you though. But why are you limiting yourself? What if you already found the one for you and yet you're not pursuing her because of that 3 years of being single decision of yours. Focus on your career, yes. But you don't have to limit yourself with anything.

  • Why limit yourself like that? You would reject your soul mate if she ever crossed your path when you're not ready -careerwise?

    • Yeah that may happen but i think it was taking a lot of thinking when i was looking for the one.

    • What kind of thinking?

    • Thinking about all the ifs and buts about the girl.

  • Well it's good to not mess on dating site if you are not looking into anything serious, waste not just your time and other peoples time, not nice.


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