How can I stand out from other guys when approaching a girl that gets a lot of attention and everyone wants?

There is this girl everyone tries to talk to and she's very popular, I see her a lot but what can I do to stand out when everyone is trying to talk to her


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  • Look this is only going to work if she finds you cute/interesting.

    Step 1 Don't approach her

    Step 2 keep doing whatever it was that you were doing (pay her no attention)

    Step 3 let those jokers keep trying to get with her

    Step 4 She get tired of them, on top of seeing that you were/are the only guy who paid her no attention or who tried to talk that SWEET SHIT in her EAR, that she's already heard from the last 400 gooneys

    Step 5 she approaches you while thinking "I wonder who that guy is, why he's not thirsty/all over me and what he about Hmmm? ^^" and more times than not here comes your shot to get with her.

    Step 6 say the right things, at the right time WITHOUT hitting on her and you'll have the girl, that all off the others guys wanted ^^ IF DONE RIGHT that is

    Step 7 Enjoy having all of the guys in the classroom hate you now/be jealous since you're sitting with a legit 8+ and she's popular LOL

    Step 8 Give mistninja314 the best answer because while this isn't a 100% plan... it's better than becoming just another JOKER in that girl eyes trying to sweet talk her, while getting her nowhere OR boosting her ego ^^

    It works/worked for me since I'll have that very same covenant that everyone wanted sitting next to me in class. Flirting or ya know trying to figure who I am and be friends/ my GF ^^. while the other guys are looking/jelly NEVER GETS OLD LOLOLOL

    • covenant girl*

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    • So you're basically saying that it's better to not be shit with her than just her pet right? And that if you got a change she gonna let you know?

    • EXACTLY ^^ It's not even about ya know, padding her ego or whatever, because lets face it "she's probably going to already think that she's a goddess on earth after getting complimented about x5555 times by so many Gooneys anyway LOLOL"

      Now all of them aren't like that BUT MOST ARE ^^

      So what I do is this " I never compliment them until we've become like BFFs going into GF-BF stage. If I can tell that she's caught feeling for me after I've given her "genuine conversations" I'll take it from there (Isn't hard for me at least @ the reading/telling if she's caught them^^).

      Never give her special treatment NOR talk to her differently than anyone else. NO ASS KISSING basically LOL

      If done right, she going to catch feeling for you MAYBE AND WHEN all else fails... hey at least you had an honest shot at her unlike them ^^

      STEP 8 ALSO ^^ LMAO

  • First you must decide whether you're ready to have a woman, who is the object of everyone's desire. Most men can't handle it and all women love to be desired by many men (and sometimes be with them). Not good if you're faint hearted or gealous. If you still want her then treat her differently. Everyone else is desperately trying to get into her pants and she probably knows by now all of their tricks. Be flirty but not pushy, be friendly with just a pinch of naughty. In a word - different. Keep her guessing. Don't ask her out. Not unless it's obvious she has started paying you much more attention to you compared to the other guys. Slowly find out things about her and use them. Always be a gentleman with her. Not a doormat. She's probably used to men crawling at her feet. Show her you like her but not willing to beg cause you're way better than that. Even if you aren't she'll have the perception you're something different.

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