Dropping your sides or dropping your main?

Well there is this girl, she really likes me, for me and not for how I look or what I have. I'm beginning to like her and it's rare for me to like someone. We've known each other for 3 years and I can tell she absolutely likes me. She is clean and I'm the only guy she's been with (sexually). we are not dating at the moment tho.

A lot of girls try to hook up with me, and most are really really attractive! There's even girls that have bfs but still want to hook up with me, friends with benefits , fuck buddies. but I'm worried if we don't work out than I dropped a lot of people for no reason? Or should I try to have as much "guy" fun as I can, and than settle down for a relationship with just one person (like a bachelor party haha)? Or should I just drop everyone now and just talk to her and eventually ask her out?

Now question is, would it be wrong to flirt/ hook up with other girls while I'm talking to her but NOT dating gf/bf. Oh and One thing I'll never do is cheat if I'm in a relationship let's get that out the way. Or is it still considered cheating regardless if there isn't a gf "title"
I want to have fun before graduation or on graduation, so this is why I'm asking, would it be wrong to hook up with other girls?

The last gf I had was when I was 14 and now I'm 18 and have been single ever since, I still am single.
I'm still young I want to have fun but I also don't want to hurt her

do y'all think that if I end up hooking up with other girls, the guilt will eat me away when her and I do start dating?

What would you guys do? have y'all been in similar spot?

I've told her that I'm not ready to date, that I'm talking to other people she was not cool with it but she understood, however she does not talk to other guys besides me.

Obviously if I'm in a relationship I will drop everyone but right now, as a single guy, what should I do?

As you can see I'm obviously so confused what should I do?



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  • Well since as you said you're single & informed her that you're not ready for a relationship, I don't see the need to drop everyone.. however if you want her I mean really want to give her a chance I'd suggest dropping the others & see what happens... there's always gonna be hoes as a matter of fact you being into only one girl or in a relationship will only attract them more.. hmm probably gonna get her some haters as well but like you said she likes you for you that can be rare in this world even if it only lasts for a bit its something worth experiencing

  • If she learns you are making out with girls she'll see you as unavailable.


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