The best date movie DVD?

Would it be ok to watch the Good, the Bad and the Ugly on DVD with your date at home? I think this is one of the best films ever. It has action, romance, intrigue and drama.


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  • OMG I would love it if our first date was this movie or any action flick. One date I had with a guy was to watch Boondock Saints and it was unforgettable. Im an action flick girl so any of those films you got me in for sure!

    • So, you really wouldn't want a romantic comedy? I got dragged over to watch a romantic comedy with this girl what's her name (wow, I can't even remember now. What was her name? She said she was my girlfriend and tried to convince me of it. But nearly puked watching that film and she loved it. I dumped her!

    • I'm not for romantic comedies all the time. I think its to chelsea for a movie date to be a romantic movie.

      Yeah I can relate to your whatshername to my whatshisname. Even though I like the series a guy I dated for a few weeks in HS and all we watched for movies (and by we I mean what he wanted) would watch is the Star Wars series nothing else, nothing new. And it was Ep 1-3 not the good 4-6 set.

      Hope there's a girl out there in your area who would love to watch The Good/bad/ugly over something like i don't know...50 Shades or something.

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  • I'd have to make sure that she was 100% comfortable with me. Maybe not a first date date, but definitely your first "hey let's watch a movie at my place" date