After a long time being single, I found the perfect guy. The problem is that I don't feel butterflies in my stomach all the time. Any opinions?

If you don't want to read this first part please skip to the end please :) (This guy saw me at the university a long ago, last year, and at that time he add me on Facebook. I saw that he had a girlfriend and he wasn't actually my type, at first look you think that he's just a rich boy with no heart, you know? So I never actually spoke to him or anything and he was staring at me every time he saw me, everybody noticed and I just acted like I didn't care. Three weeks ago, we started talking. He finally said something to me and we started talking a lot, we went out a few times and I really enjoy spending time with him, he's not like I pictured, he has an amazing personality and we have so much in common.)

We are now at this stage of getting to know each other, he's always sending me messages, trying to meet me. He's very sweet, decent, he is handsome (although he's not my type) and very smart, but... I feel nothing.
When I'm with him I feel excited and I love spending that time and I feel attraction. But when I go away, I don't feel that huge excitement and passion that I should feel, maybe because I don't like to text and it gets boring.
I feel so bad about myself because I have been singe for a really long time and I hate being single. Now, that I found this perfect, sweet guy I don't feel what I imagined. Maybe I need to know him better?

And he is single now, I guess he broke up with his girlfriend.


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  • "Maybe I need to know him better?"

    Yes you do. There's your answer.

  • he sounds more like a friend, there are many people, don't settle if he doesn't excite you.


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