How do I tell my boss I like him?

This is confusing so hold on tight.

So I work for a company that is contracted through hospitals. We work for them. So I guess he isn't my boss, but a customer and a peer.

I have known him now for a year. He is so shy and quite and I feel I have made a lot of progress in getting to know him. He told me where he grew up, he told me his hobbies that he is a bit embarrassed about (comic books), we talk about all of the latest movies and TV shows. We just have a nice time working together. The problem is I don't know how he feels. He is like a walnut I can't crack.

I'm crazy about him. I think he is so great. I'm worried about the way he sees me. I'm much younger then him, and I work for him. So I feel I might just be some dumb little girl.

I mean I'm just wondering what I should do.

He has dropped the most subtle hints.

He one got my a gag gift. He's never done that to anyone else. He also once asked me what I was planning to do on my day off and then when I answered and asked why he shyed away and changed the subject.

I'm leaving the company soon. I won't ever get to see him again. So I feel as if I should say something or else I will regret it forever.


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  • you just want to shag him to get yourself a promotion.

    • You're an idiot you obviously don't understand the situation. I don't work for him and there is no high position in my company then what I am. If you're going to troll at least make since.

    • Im trolling? You're the one posting anonymously.

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  • hi lady don't ever call yourself a dumb thing to tell you honestly i hate that kind of attitude.. anyway you're old enough.. he gave some hints already.. try to initiate or end up regretting?

  • Tell him you like him, and that you'd like to keep in touch. Ask for his number or email.

  • It would be highly advisable, NOT to get involved with people you work with

    • Did you even read the last part of this?

    • I'm just sayin' I highly recommend not doing this

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