Should I keep the conversaion going on tinder or ask him out?

I met this really friendly guy on tinder and I really like talking to him. Since we first talked I am most of the time the one who is starting the conversation and asking questions. I don't like that but when we talk he asks too and everything is fine. It's been 3 weeks now. Of course we can't keep talking on tinder. I'd like to ask him out to drink something or to ask for his number or fb but I'm a bit scared of what his reaction might be. Is it too soon? I don't really think it's too soon but I'll need some courage to do it. Girls, how did you manage a situation like that? And if I should better wait, what should I say/ask to keep the conversation going?

  • Ask for his number
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  • Ask for his Facebook
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  • keep the conversation going a bit more
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  • wait till he does someting
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What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah ask for his # and fb


What Girls Said 1

  • If I were you I would wait a little longer to see if he shows any interest such as messaging you first. That would make you more confident in asking for his number or even his Facebook. And 3 weeks is a while! I'm sure if he didn't like you he wouldn't keep talking to you. I'd just wait to see if he takes any initiative before you come right out and ask him.

    • And what if he doesn't? Then I go for it right? Because I probably have no choice... I can't do nothing and let him go. I don't really feel like he is going to :/ or maybe if a miracle happens...

    • If you really feel like you have to. It's just sad he can't more effort into this tinder courtship. If things don't work out then there's always going to be more matches lol

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