If I think of her as friend when in her company but miss her romantically when she's not around what does it mean?

I've been hanging out with a girl I crush on more and more. I feel super comfortable with her as friends and have fun with her. I just don't feel comfortable trying to show my feelings when with her. It's almost like they disappear. But I still have then feelings when I'm not around her? The only thing I know for sure is that she's an amazing person I like to spend time with. Is my disappearing feeling a defense mechanism? Do I not like but wish I would? I constantly think about and it's confusing. If you need more context feel free to ask.


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  • Lol what? do not like but wish you wood? how it can be? You feel comfortable with her, miss her, want to see her again. It means that she Is a lot for you. I think to find a person who is not only your bf or gf, who is a good friend too is a luck.

    • When I'm around her my thoughts of ramance leave and I only focus on the activity we do. When I'm not her I think about her in a romantic way and want to pursue her. Am I just afraid and my mind is suppressing my feelings without me knowing?

    • Understand yourself. Maybe you want she to become something more for you than just a friend or you feel more comfortable in friendship with her)

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  • same happend to me