What to do with this girl?

This girl who I have known for about 6 weeks has admitted to liking me. We met online and we exchanged phone numbers and she sent me many whatsapp saying that I am cute, sending pictures to me of her in band tees and swimming costume and sending love hearts. We know each other quite well what our likes and dislikes are and hat kinds of sports interest is etc. she shows much interest in me and I show it back but not so obvious (keeping mysterious) I asked her what she thought when she first saw me and she said instantly she liked me. She followed me ons Twitter and she follows very little people on and they are all famous people except me and I have her on Facebook and it doesn't say if she has a relationship but I'm guessing not. It's not a catfish as I have seen her on video and heard her voice but rejected me on the 2 times of wanting to hang out. I said that she should come to see an Ice Hockey game an she said "yes, I should do :)" when I asked her out the first time she replied the first time saying when? And when I told her the date and she said "maybe, we will see :D" and the second time I suggested ice skating and that we should have a hockey wrestle first to the floor has to pay for the drinks, she positively responded by saying "haha, I will be on the floor laughing too much xD" so I said haha yeah, it will be fun an she said "we will see :D". Recently I see she has a picture of her and her ex on Facebook but thinking about when I first text her she tell me she is unhappy as she had a "bad start to the year" (at the time I assumed her pet had died but I assume she broke up with him) she recently post picture online saying how she will never forget how she was blatently in love and tagged him (I assume she isn't quite over him). After being rejected twice I'm wondering if there is still a chance of dating her or if I should just call it quits?


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  • She's not over her ex yet. You can be her friend in the mean time but don't put your hopes up too much. You don't want to be a rebound or just someone she is using to temporarily fill the void. Try to keep things relaxed for now and like I said... Don't place too much hope in this for now as she is still recovering from a break up of some sort.

    • I was thinking this myself, she may be confused as to what she wants, I think they were dating for around 2 years so I know it's probably tough for her right now. I have never experienced a maybe or we will see before, usually it's a straight yes or no when I have asked a girl out. Thanks for your opinion, I appreciate it :)

    • Also this ex of 2 years was her first boyfriend so I assume it'll take a lot for her to get over him

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  • You should be telling her this, not us.
    Tell her you keep getting mixed signals, and that she has to make a choice. That you want to make her happy, but she has to decide if she actually wants that.
    Put her on the spot without attacking her, and decide whether or not you want to leave the opportunity open in case she changes her mind, or make her decide once and for all right there.