Whats the worst date you ever been on?

Mine was with a girl my sister introduced me to. My date had extreme opinions about everything and I tried to be nice even when I disagreed with almost everything she said because she would get mad if I question her beliefs/ideals. To me it seems she wants someone who has no beliefs of their own and would just be a puppet boyfriend for her. She also talked a lot about her exbf and how she doesn't like somethings about me. So I just kept trying to change the topic but she wouldn't stop. I didn't lose my cool though and eventually got out of there.

So in other words she was a huge snob, condescending and in general just a bad person. I was nice because she has had a tough life, she used to have cancer for 5 years and her parent died a little while after our date.


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  • When we had promised to meet up after he came back during his holiday, but he never showed up. Guess where he was? He was meeting up with his physics teacher and got carried in some serious conversation about SOME THERMALS OR FLUIDS SYSTEM that he forgot he had a date with me. It mad me realize that apparently, Physics are more appealing than me.


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  • Blind dates, ALL of them. Blind dates are like trojan horse, you dont know what you are getting.

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