Help! Double Date Set Up?

So my friend was going to go on a double date with this guy and another couple. Something came up though and the other couple can't make it so she asked me to come. Problem is she is kind of setting me up with this guy who has been asking her about me a lot recently. I have only talked to the guy once and he isn't someone I would really want to date, in fact he is my friends ex boyfriend weirdly enough. She claims we are going as "friends" but I don't know if the guys view that the same way. It is a movie date so its not really fancy or anything. How should I deal with the whole evening without it being awkward but not coming across like I am flirting a whole bunch and into the guy? What would be acceptable to wear in this kind of situation? I know these are silly questions but I have never been in this kind of situation before, advice please.


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  • If it is just a movie why is it necessary it be a double date? Tell your friend you aren't interested. She can go with just her boyfriend.

    • Its not her boyfriend. The guy she is going with has been asking her out for a few weeks and she has been trying to avoid it but the couple who was going to go with her said she should give him a chance. But when the other couple couldn't go she didn't want to go alone with a guy she wasn't super comfortable with.

    • So why does it have to be a double date? Why can't you go with her and him?

  • I can't help you there


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