Someone please help me?

So I've been dating my beautiful girlfriend for six months and two days! She's literally everything I ever wanted and needed. Buuuut she's had a pretty big history with guys. I believe it may have something to do with coping with her mom (who is pretty mean). She's truthful about her past and wouldn't lie to me. We are he longest relationship she's had. Now for the hefty shit. SO her friend and kind of mine started dating her ex. They did shit like oral. And it makes me soooo pissed to think about it and i can't help it. So we were going to hangout with our friend and low and behold her ex is in the car with our friend... I was sooo mad. And no one could see it. My girlfriend talked to her ex like they had nothing wrong. It made me pretty mad. But she wasn't flirting or anything. But goddamn im still soooo pissed. Like wtf man. Ugh she's so perfect. Im so sidetracked on this that its hard to focus on her and even myself. Someone please help me and give me some advice!

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  • Sounds like you have nothing much to worry about. Since she has been honest with you from the start, that means that you have a healthy relationship basis already.


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