Can he tell I was viewing his profile on Facebook?

I met this guy recently and he stopped texting me, but I checked his FB profile several times. Bit stalkerish but anyways!

I rarely use FB so we have no friends in common (although we do in real life).

I thought there was no way he could tell, but he recently appeared in my "Friend Suggestions".

I then read online that people who have viewed your profile end up in Friend Suggestions. As he stopped talking to me, I doubt he initiated the check, but it worries me that *I* came up on *his* Friend Suggestions (from having viewed his profile) and from that he clicked on mine, and hence knows I was looking at his. Yikes!

I have a horrible feeling I'll see him again too as we have mutual friends. Ughh! Feeling sick to my stomach right now.


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  • I doubt he stopped texting you because of that. That's what Facebook is for. It's only common sense that a woman I've been texting would know my name and try to Facebook me. Every woman does that. If she continues talking to me after viewing the Facebook then that's sign that she likes me, this is good.

    It may be that he saw something in your profile that he didn't like. Or maybe someone else caught his attention... who knows? And if it's only been a day or two I wouldn't over think this.


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  • no it is not possible, only mark zuckerberg can know that and even he will be charged for breach of privacy

    • because you are looking at his Facebook profile a lot Facebook automatically puts it in YOUR friend suggestion box so you can add him later if you want to, but honestly don't feel bad for doing it, because anyone who is on Facebook and tld you the wasn't checking out their crushes Facebook page now and then is a liar!!!

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  • Not he can't. I have googled this for months and I always find the same answer, that it isn't possible.

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