If you meet a woman online do you think she is easy?

1. if you meet a women online do you think she is easy

2. if you text message and talk to the girl on the phone for about 2 months would you like her?

3. if you gave a girl oral do you really like especially if you dint ask for none in return?

4. if a girl was getting to overly sensitive would you cut her off?

5. if a girl told you during you guys doing the do don't hurt me what would you think and feel ?

6. what is wifey material to you what are the requirements and qualifications? don't be silly be serious


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  • 1. Actually, I think she is more reserved because this is yet another wall separating her from real interaction. The anonymity of the web helps her not expose herself till she is ready. If she were easy all she has to do is offer herself to someone. Guys will be guys.

    2. Who's to say if I would like her. Hell, I've got family members I've known for years that I don't like. I would like or dislike her based on the merits of our conversations and her personality; not on the amount of time we talked.

    3. I may be in the minority but, I much prefer to give oral than receive. It feels good getting it but I rarely climax from it. On the other hand, I love getting my partner off multiple times. I love seeing her feeling that good and knowing I am the reason.

    4. Unfair question because it would depend on my feelings and what I wanted from that particular relationship, as well. If I was open to going to the next level I would welcome it; if not, I would have to take measure to slow her down and the best way to do that is just tell her I think we are interested in different things.

    5. Obviously, she might be talking about emotions or vaginal tearing. I would think that if I got to that point with a woman I would know her well enough that I would not have to question which she meant. It would absolutely depend on the girl. I was recently with a girl that hadn't had sex in a while and she was concerned I might do some damage so she said the same thing to me; I understood completely.

    6. Challenging, witty, intelligent, loyal, pretty, confident, conscientious, a communicator, good listener, a compromisor with me. No set formula here but these are some basic things that I am most attracted to in a woman for a serious relationship. Is Halle Berry single again?


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  • 1. No I think she is human

    2. No two people are the same- there's no situation to be analyzed.

    3. Yes, reciprocation

    4. No, I would find out what's bugging her and see if I can help- if it went too far I would then cut her off. I don't need to be abused or used as a human-punching bag.

    5. I have no clue what you mean here.

    6. My requirements are my requirements, they differ from other people... here's an overview:

    - Intelligence

    - Beauty

    - ability to flirt

    - Respect

    - reciprocation

    - caring

    - disagreeing (on some things)

    - confident

    - values and morals


    Best regards,


  • 1. I would not think she is easy. I would think that she is simply lonely like many girls are and she is courageous enough to try to find a guy in more places to increase her chances of finding a good guy for her.

    2. I would not text a girl for two months. I as a guy would call her within a week and I would want to hear her voice. I think it is immature to text for two whole months without making a real phone call.

    3. not answering

    4. I would not cut her off. I might like the idea. I might be sensitive too, so I may not mind her being the same way. It depends on the relationship and the girl.

    5. I don't understand your question here.

    6. Be real. Be yourself.

  • A woman online is not usually thought of as easy. The initial reaction you would get most is that she is desperate. Same thing goes for a male. Most people are not accepting to an online relationship or even pursuing one themselves.

  • I married a woman I met online. Nuff said!


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