Am I over thinking things?

I started talking to this guy and at first he told me that he just wanted to be friends. But I read an online profile that he had saying that he was looking for a relationship. He would call quiet often to ask me about my day and when we hung out we were close. Now he started new job and barely talk anyone he doesn't answer many of my texts any more and most if the time but not always he forwards my calls and he tells me he is really busy. And one day we got in an argument the other day and I apologized about it the next day and he calls me buddy. I don't know if he was interested in me and lost interest in me or he is or he just sees me as a friend. I am confused by his actions. I texted him buddy with a question mark but he never replied back.

What do you guys/girls think?

Would like to here your opinions.


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  • He probably liked u at one point but it might be possible he met someone at his job and he's just thinking y'all r friends

    • I have asked him if we were friends I don't know that made him think that is all I wanted?

      I do like him more than friends but I don't want to tell him because I don't want to freak him out incase he doesn't feel the same way.

    • Ya I know but if he has moved on u can either move on too or wait until he's free

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  • I think that he wasn't interested in anything but friendship. One does what one wants to do. If he wanted more, he would have made it happen. I am sorry.

  • I think you are overthinking


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