I am confused. What is our relationship?

This guy and I have been hanging out for a while. We are in the same major so we spend a lot of time together. We always sit together in class, we have lunch together every day and go to my room to cuddle between classes. During class, we will kind of play footsies and will occasionally rub the other's leg. We cuddle all the time, and we kiss sometimes.
I am just confused because we haven't put a label on our relationship and we don't hang out off campus, but we text all the time when we aren't around each other.
Do you have any thoughts on what is going on? Or any advice?

I really am not sure what to do because we are at an awkward place and I don't know what is acceptable and what is crossing relationship boundaries. I can't do anything about it right now because it is spring break and he isn't around.


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  • Take it to the next level of 'labelling' it if that's where you see it heading. Ask him to hang out outside of school! If you want to, make it official :P Ask him out and be like 'let's go on a 'date' date.'

    Also, if it matters to you, make sure he's not just using you and seeing someone else 'off-campus'... unless you want to be friends with benefits then I don't know haven't been there ;D

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